The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain

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SAAB at Chapter on 27th January 2008.

 Richard and Nic

 Jon and Ian

SAAB played at Cardiff's Welsh Club supporting Sunburned Hand of the Man at 'Welsh Club / Clwb Ifor Bach' - 4th November.

'Darkness Visible' - 21st October. S.A.A.B. presented a twelve-hour-long performance exploring the regions of Hell; the nine 'circles' of Dante's poem Inferno. These concentric circles, leading to the centre of Hell, shaped the nine movements of Darkness Visible through which S.A.A.B. performed on acoustic instruments, radios, computers and electronics: a slow-moving tapestry of sound and vision. The extreme duration was set to test the limits of the performers' levels of endurance and concentration. and short video of impromptu dance and more videos at Phantomhead 

SAAB live at Buffalo, Cardiff. / /07

SAAB was at Expo07 Saturday 23rd June at The Hub: Expo page  

SAAB supported Carla Bozulich at the Cube Cinema, Bristol on 7th June. Short video clip at YouTube

SAAB at Jacuzzi Junta (Cardiff) 16/03/07.

SAAB at Random Function (Bristol Watershed) 26/01/07.

'Botanising on the Asphalt'. Audio available here.
Video available here. Included CollectEast's show in Finland.





SAAB at Jacuzzi Junta